With legalization gaining momentum worldwide, innovation within the industry is continuing at warp speed, creating exciting new market segments virtually overnight. HEXO, one of the leading licensed growers in Canada has taken the unique step of building an Innovation Lab to drive new product development - an imperative for its mission of becoming the premier global cannabinoid-based consumer goods company. As just one example, HEXO recently announced a joint-venture partnership with Molson Coors, one of the largest breweries in North America, to produce non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverages. Join Adam Miron, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer as he outlines the science and technology required to make this happen, going into detail about the multi-stage innovation process HEXO has developed in the area of innovation and product development. Adam will also describe the strategic role innovation and product development plays in its mission - from decisions on whether to buy innovation or build it, to why he firmly believes the Cannabis company of the very near future won’t grow a single plant.