A panel of industry leaders will discuss best practices in cannabis-related digital marketing, including; social media, websites, blogs, search engine optimization, advertising, and email marketing.

This presenters will discuss Facebook ads, Facebook organic marketing, Instagram, Messenger bots, social strategy, content, analytics, video creation, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat and will provide tips, hacks, and workarounds you can put into practice immediately to make social media work for you.

Attendees will leave with successful marketing tips and techniques for high-end brands of cannabis products. In addition, learn more about the legal aspects of cannabis advertising and advertising for cannabis branded products, including common mistakes such as showing consumption in advertising.

Learn how to create effective social media strategies for building brand awareness, such as using Facebook Live, Instagram and paid influencer partnerships to avoid censorship. Develop paid social media ads for cannabis products to offer non-cannabis giveaways to bring in new audiences and followers, then marketing cannabis products solely to followers.

Creating unique customer experiences like creating an Alexa Skill or Google Home App to allow voice commands on topics such as dispensary locations and strain characteristics and availability.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how to best use digital marketing effectively, within the tight regulations imposed on the cannabis industry.
2. Learn how to translate effective marketing strategies from high-end consumer products to successfully integrate into the cannabis industry.
3. Develop a plan on how to avoid censorship and banned from social media and search platforms.
4. Understand how to create meaningful engagement with customers and influencers.
5. Learn from real-life cases about effective and ineffective uses of digital marketing.