As support for legalization continues to climb and speculation of “cannabis reform” at the federal level continues to swirl, one critical opportunity stands to be lost in the fray of voices and messages: Social Justice. Cannabis reform, alone, stops short. The deeper work is addressing convictions, providing opportunities, and reinvesting in poor and minority communities that have been battered for decades by the “war on drugs.”

With focused attention, we can shape policies and legislation to expunge records, provide employment opportunities, and further offset the disproportionate affects on people and communities of color. Expungement of misdemeanor charges, alone, can mean the difference in getting a job or housing for residents of poor and minority communities across the country.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn more about the Cannabis’ regulatory landscape and as it relates to social justice (what program localities and states are implementing / what needs amending).
2. Recognize the business level impact on hiring, training, and advocacy.
3. Gain a better understanding of the community-level impact on individual actions and building coalitions.
4. Identify the policy level impact when running for office, voting, and being vocal to elected officials.
5. Assess expungement opportunities for those impacted for future employment and ownership.