Investing in Cannabis companies can present a unique set of investment challenges. With 20 years of Wall Street experience at UBS, Raymond James and J.P. Morgan, and 5 years of cannabis experience with The Arcview Group, Canopy, and Mazakali, Sumit will help you learn how to navigate the plethora of available investment opportunities. Having helped guide investors through the tech boom, the real estate boom, and the craft beer boom, Sumit will not only help you understand the commonalities amongst these but also pitfalls to avoid. You will learn how to screen investment opportunities, which sectors are poised for above-average growth, how to view public vs. private investments, how to adequately diversify your portfolio and how to navigate the volatility caused by the state-federal conflict.

Session Takeaways:

  1. Cannabis as a true alternative asset class; the portfolio impact of low correlation
  2. Understand deep cannabis investment due-diligence
  3. Learn how to achieve adequate sector diversification
  4. Sector hedging against future cannabis spot price movement
  5. Investment, liquidity and exit opportunities