Third party quality and safety certification that supports consumer confidence and market demand are standard in much of the international agricultural world. This presentation and panel discussion will briefly touch on the history of certifications that are drivers in the marketplace today (e.g. Certified Organic, Global GAP, Non-GMO Project, Fair Trade). Based on the last decades trajectory of 3rd party certifications in other parts of the agricultural world, the panel will discuss how independent certification of cannabis and hemp will help the industry as a whole by assuring safety and quality through transparent systems of assessment and certification and help producers mitigate risks, increase sustainability and efficiency, and lower costs of production.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how internationally recognized certification systems work.
2. Learn the importance of transparency in the assessment of products.
3. Recognize the potentially fast trajectory of certification requirements within the cannabis industry.
4. Examine the reasons to assess your business using external certification systems.

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