More companies are doing business in the cannabis market and are being confronted with customers who no longer want to pay Cash and are looking for credit terms. In this session, we will review what cannabis companies need to do when they start extending credit. Demonstrate the need to implement Accounts Receivable Management structure to ensure that credit risk are evaluated properly and how to manage collections so that cash flow is ongoing. We will review:
• Why would you extend credit to your customer?
• Who is a Credit & Collection Manager and why do you need one?
• Developing a Trade Credit Policy
• How to Evaluate Credit Risk for New and Existing Customer’s
• Handling Customer Disputes
• Developing A Collection Strategy to Manage Your AR
• When Do You Need a 3rd Party Collection Agency?
• What is Order To Cash Software and Why Do You Need it?
• Outsourcing the Credit & Collection Process?
• Case Study on a Cannabis Company That Have Accounts Receivable Management System

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn about a trade credit policy and how do you implement it.
2. Understand the value and risk associated with extending credit.
3. Learn how to evaluate and monitor credit risk and determine how much credit a customer is worth.
4. Discuss how to create and manage your internal or external collection process.