Capital planning methodology is used for hundreds of years in other industries involving scale to decrease hiccups and challenges caused by poor planning and strategy.

It is a big undertaking to build and operate an efficient, compliant cannabis facility, as there are many moving parts to assemble and coordinate. Your process defines your project, and the currently accepted industry process leads to breakdowns, money issues, and delayed time-to-market.

Whether manufacturing indoors or in a greenhouse, cannabis cultivation must be addressed for what it is — an industrial-agricultural manufacturing process. Hiring a commercial builder to start a design-build process for a cannabis facility with a non-industrial approach is a sure path to spending more time and money in the long run.

Attendees will learn the secrets to cannabis facility design that save time and allow production to start faster so that there is a clear path, no surprises or wasted effort, less budget required for building, and a quicker time to production, with on-time delivery.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the TYPICAL way to build vs. the RIGHT way to build.
2. Learn about an owner’s representative and why you need one.
3. Learn the costly mistakes and shortcuts to avoid in the design and build out stages.
4. Identify the most cost-effective use of money in the startup phase.

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