The session will focus on implementing sustainable and environmental stewardship programs as a way to increase a company's bottom line while reducing their costs. Presented through stunning visuals and real-world examples of using return on investment calculations for sustainable options in the cannabis industry.

Discuss a rundown of the most sustainable and cost-saving measures that cannabis operations can make and different options for going more environmentally friendly in a financially efficient manner. The presentation will also cover the business case for sustainability and the less easily grasped benefits such as employee retention and pride, customer retention, and marketing value.

By the end of this presentation, we will have laid out and explained the benefits of creating a more sustainable business through a fiscal lens and the impacts thereof.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to apply sustainability cost-effectively.
2. Different operational ideas for possible sustainable upgrades.
3. The less easily graspable market value of sustainability.
4. Learn how to calculate good ROI for sustainability projects.

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