Leaders of successful cannabis businesses are significantly outnumbered by potential investors and partners who want into the industry. Unfortunately, there is very little information available to support cannabis business-leaders making difficult decisions about which investors and partnerships to accept. On top of that, accepting money from the wrong investor, or licensing your brand to the wrong partner, could sink your business. This session will educate business owners about industry-specific risk factors to consider when making this important decision, and provide tips on how to approach due diligence on potential investors and partners.

Session Takeaways:

  1. Attendees should understand how to go beyond a basic background check
  2. Attendees should learn how to identify business risk, financial risk and reputational risk
  3. Attendees should walk away with a comprehensive checklist of the types of questions and information they should be asking potential partners
  4. Attendees should understand key due diligence activities
  5. Attendees should understand what to expect from a due diligence process and how long it takes