Just because you are good at doing your job, doesn’t mean you are automatically good at managing others. As you grow, you must understand how to delegate and spend more energy managing instead of doing the actual work. The process makes profit a repeatable event, and it is only through good management skills that the process can be created, organized, delegated and followed.

This session will help you learn to successfully manage employees and become a better manager to avoid growing beyond your level of competence. By evaluating management skills and recognizing limitations, you can find the balance between doing and managing. Learn the steps of successful delegation and how to develop a plan to avoid micromanaging staff and become a better manager.

Learning Objectives:

1. Improve your management skills.

2. Explore the 7 Steps to successful delegation.

3. How to stop “doing” and start “managing.”

4. Define successful completion.

5. Create a structure with an eye to growth and the future.

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