Speaker Bio

Christie Lunsford

COO, Pro MAX Grow

Christie oversees Pro MAX Grow's rapid national growth through managing operations, developing entrepreneurial relationships and building infrastructure around the company’s specialized horticultural LED lighting technologies.  

Christie Lunsford is also founder of Endocannabinoidology, LLC. a consulting firm providing cannabis science, technology and education management assistance to businesses and individuals in the cannabis community.               

A cannabis industry veteran, Christie has served as a consultant during the licensing, development, and formulation phases of multiple medical cannabis centers and infused product manufacturers in Colorado, California, Illinois and Washington State. Most recently, Christie successfully guided a client through a complex regulatory process to obtain one of the five medical cannabis business permits awarded in New York State.

Prior to launching Endocannabinoidology, Christie distinguished herself as an industry leader by focusing on cannabis industry product standards. She served on the 2013 American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee, and currently sits on the Standards Creations Committee for Infused Products of the Foundation of United Cannabis Standards (FOCUS).

Endocannabinoidology, LLC is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, and is a founding member of Women Grow.

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