Speaker Bio

Stefanie Linzer

Biologist, Valoya Oy

Stefanie Linzer is a biologist at Valoya, one of the world’s leading LED lighting manufacturers. After finishing her academic education, she started my career in plant breeding. For more than 6 years sne worked at Corteva (at that time DOW AgroSciences) in R&D. During that time, she developed new canola varieties adapted for the European market with specific quality traits originating from the Canadian spring canola. Since 4 years ago she has been working at Valoya in the plant R&D team overseeing Valoya’s plant research program, where more than 514 trials have been conducted thus far. Based on my previous career she improves lighting solutions for various crops and impart the knowledge in specialized presentations and workshops. At the moment she oversees Valoya’s cannabis research efforts, which are done in collaboration with the Italian research institute CRA CIN, led by the famous Dr. Grassi, one of the scientists on the forefront of cannabis research. For the past 4 years they have been researching cannabis with Dr. Grassi and this has resulted in our current cannabis specific product lines.

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