Medicine Man Technologies

Carrie Roberts

Director of Client Services, Medicine Man Technologies

Carrie Roberts - Carrie Roberts is a Senior Consultant and Director of Client Services with Medicine Man Technologies, an internationally regarded cannabis consultancy based out of Denver, CO. She holds a BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Colorado State University. As a former Colorado POST Certified law enforcement officer Carrie is currently on the speakers' bureau for LEAP (Law Enforcement Action Partnership). An international, 501(c)(3) nonprofit criminal justice and drug policy reform agency, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership’s mission is to unite and mobilize the voice of law enforcement in support of drug policy and criminal justice reforms that will make communities safer by focusing law enforcement resources on the greatest threats to public safety, promoting alternatives to arrest and incarceration, addressing the root causes of crime, and working toward healing police-community relations. Carrie speaks to both policy makers and the public regarding criminal justice and drug policy reform measures. In this capacity, she is able to provide medical marijuana cultivation and dispensary facility tours, educational presentations, and actionable intelligence for law enforcement and legislative officials in states where marijuana legalization is unfolding. As a medical marijuana patient herself, she helps those government officials understand how legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana increases public safety, improves the criminal justice system, enhances racial justice, protects young people, safeguards patients, saves resources, bolsters public health, and generates revenue. Carrie is also on the standards creation board for FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards), an independent, third-party, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit created to develop cannabis specific standards to answer the unmet need in the marketplace for medical marijuana standards in order to protect public health, consumer safety, and safeguard the environment.

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