Chrystal Ortiz

Board Member, International Cannabis Farmers Association

Chrystal Ortiz is a permaculture gardener, Cannabis medicine maker and educator, founding member of FulSol Farm and operations manager at True Humboldt, a brand supported by medical Cannabis farmers in the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild. Based on her experience branding and promoting Humboldt-grown Cannabis to dispensaries throughout California, Chrystal believes that claiming and protecting geographical appellations will be crucial to brand identity and integrity.

As part of Humboldt County’s track and trace program, Chrystal has been actively involved in early efforts to designate appellations of origin. While proof of origin is a strong first step, Chrystal is focused on the development of deeper quality control standards including the use of native soil, innovative (and ancient) farming practices, integrated pest management, properly timed harvests and curing standards. Chrystal believes that the Emerald Triangle has a great responsibility to accurately identify and define our appellation designations.

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