The Clear™

Courtney Maltais

Founder and Lead Botanist, The Clear™

Courtney Maltais is co-founder of The Clear™ California and head botanist at The Clear™. Earning dual degrees in Molecular Biology and English Literature at The University of New Hampshire, Maltais has a passion for agricultural research science and science journalism.

In 2013, The Clear™ released their original raw cannabis oil - being the first to market with a distillate cannabis oil. Since then, The Clear™ has been established in seven out of state branches across the United States. The Clear™ continues to innovate the cannabis market with purified cannabinoids and cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

In addition to her work with The Clear™, she has also conducted numerous research grows in California; working with industry leaders on cannabis cultivation and tissue culture projects. Maltais is an advocate for sustainability in both growing and concentrate manufacturing. Her combined love of science and cannabis has been the foundation of her work with The Clear™ .

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