Oaksterdam University

Dr. Aseem Sappal

Provost & Dean of the Faculty, Oaksterdam University

Dr. Aseem Sappal is Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Oaksterdam University, the pioneering college offering a comprehensive curriculum for those interested in an education and career in the cannabis trade. He also serves as the corporate CFOO and Chief Academic Officer. His responsibilities include overseeing operations and finances in Oakland, Las Vegas and Jamaica, directing academic and administrative affairs, international affairs, R&D, strategic growth & partnerships.

He is a Professor of Business, Science, Civics and Security, representing Oaksterdam University internationally as a subject matter expert. He is responsible for training government officials, health care providers, business executives, investors, and policy makers on issues of compliance and best business practices within the cannabis business arena, while promoting education and improving public awareness.

Dr. Sappal holds a Medical Degree from India, serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Health Research Institute, which works with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, is on the board of the Public Education Program Fund and is an advisor for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR) and ReformCA.

As an expert consultant, Dr. Sappal serves as a state contracted evaluator for regulators and cannabis licensee applications throughout the United States. He has worked for the Regional Economic Studies Institute and Towson University and the state of Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Commission to evaluate dispensary license applications. He has lectured and trained the Florida Department of Health, City of Oakland employees, the Contra Costa County Alcohol and Other Drugs Sevices and various legislative staff. He also advises international government agencies regarding cannabis protocol and standardization such as, in Jamaica and Uruguay.

He lectures regularly at cannabis business conferences around the world, and often appears as an expert for media and news outlets, as seen on Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC News, Newsweek, Discovery Channel, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, Vice, Modern Grower, Cannabis Health, The Source Magazine, Cannabis Now Magazine, Marijuana Venture Magazine, Vegas Cannabis Magazine, Freedom Leaf Magazine, High Times and numerous other national and international media outlets and publications.

Dr. Sappal is a contributing editor for various domestic and foreign publications on the subjects of cannabis business, science, education, dispensary operations, security and compliance.

He works regularly with law enforcement regarding industry security principles and standard operating procedures. Dr. Sappal is proficient in internet and intranet IT security and operational security as well as systems implementation. He has taught different methods of security for over 25 years. He has implemented and troubleshot numerous security measures such as CCTV and remote view surveillance systems, developed security policies and procedures, while identifying personnel resources required to protecting commercial buildings, retail businesses, offices, single family and multifamily residential buildings.

He lectures and consults on Business Management Paradigms and Executive Command Systems for digital and operational security. Proficient with intrusion detection systems and preventing single points of failure with security redundancies and layers of defense and data encryption. Dr. Sappal has successfully completed the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s – FEMA Emergency Management Systems National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System certification and training.

OU courses have gone on the road internationally under his leadership, which includes establishing the school’s first international research and development department. Dr. Sappal developed and directs Oaksterdam University’s marketing dept. and media dept., has produced and directed the school’s video content and commercials and is the creator and visionary behind Oaksterdam.TV.

A trained stage actor and martial arts competitor throughout his youth, he became attracted to cannabis as a specialty during his medical training by witnessing how the suffering and pain of many cancer patients was alleviated by the administration of cannabis. Many of those cancer patients have become cancer survivors and they attributed their survival to cannabis. Cannabis education was a natural extension for him, and Oaksterdam University has given him a platform to help other students, patients and professionals learn the facts about the plant, the industry and its benefits.

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