Patrick Rea

Co-founder and Managing Director, CanopyBoulder

Patrick Rea has spent his entire career analyzing and evangelizing business and investment opportunities in consumer driven markets. His 16 years of relationship-building at the CEO level has provided him with a keen understanding of the winning (and losing) strategies for entrepreneurial companies.

Patrick began his career in the natural products industry with roles in investment banking, venture finance, management consulting, and operations. Meanwhile, the cannabis industry was becoming a major economic and social movement in Patrick’s very own backyard of Colorado. There, he noticed similar elements from the cannabis and natural products spaces: both are consumer-driven, represent preferable alternative products to the market standard, identify and attack social and health injustices, and have a strong professional/consumer market.

When making the transition to cannabis, Patrick noticed a lack of investment-ready businesses looking for capital, while investors were disappointed with the investments options available to them. With a combination of cash for investment, administrative and legal support, and active mentorship, he saw opportunity to make a significant impact within the cannabis industry.

Patrick joined Arcview as a member in January 2014, and after meeting entrepreneurs at the company’s Investor Forum in Las Vegas, decided he would offer his support to help the teams and companies as an official Arcview mentor. After developing his own investor network, Patrick decided to launch Canopy as an investment fund and business accelerator that worked in partnership and collaboration with Arcview.

Since founding Canopy, Patrick has managed the company’s accelerator program, working hands-on to help cannabis startups solidify their business plans and raise outside capital. He also manages Canopy’s seed-stage venture fund.
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